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Seamlessly electrify your fleet operations and maximize efficiency

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Simulate live EV operations

Remove the guesswork from electrifying your fleet and plan for the optimal strategy

Optimize real-time vehicle charging

Automated EV charging optimization for any operation

Plan EV charging infrastructure

Design the ideal infrastructure deployment in any territory

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Kazuki Baba
Manager, Technology Research
Autofleet's platform and Simulator opened up opportunities for us to increase the utilization of Suzuki's Car Sharing internal fleet by more than 25%
Autofleet named winner of Powerstart 2020

Simulate the optimal EV deployment for your operations

  • Use the Autofleet Simulator to test your current operations with EVs to project performance and customize deployment strategy

  • Upload your real operational data to the simulator to receive highly accurate results in just days

Value Propositions

TCO analysis

Conduct full financial analysis to select the optimal vehicles, charging infrastructure, and timing to electrify your fleet

Plan optimal charging infrastructure

Analyze optimal charging infrastructure needs, including charger type, location, and quantity

Increase utilization and revenues

Configure and test the exact vehicle configurations across multiple OEMs and vehicle types

Find optimal charging and deployment strategy

Project performance across more than 30 KPIs to select the ideal vehicles, chargers, and operational strategies for your fleet

Optimize EV operations across any mobility operation

  • Auto-generated servicing and charging/fueling tasks delegated directly to operational teams and optimized for the most efficient execution.

  • Optimize vehicle routing and dispatching while considering dynamic charging needs

Value Propositions

EV Route Optimization

Dispatch orders and calculate routes based on vehicle range and efficiency, charger availability, and optimized for areas of demand

Dynamic charging

Select when, where, and at what price to charge vehicles in the fleet in order to maximize revenues and minimize downtime

Grid-load balancing and integration

Integrate to any charging network to manage seamless operations and balance vehicles across the network

How Fleets are leading the way to an electric future?

Read our latest analysis on the opportunity for fleets to adopt EVs and power efficient operations

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